Picture of Anneke


Hi I'm Anni,

I have a passion for uplifting and instilling confidence in others through the transformative art of makeup and hairstyling.

My heart belongs to my two feline companions, Patsy and Chloe, and spending quality time with them is a cherished part of my identity as a proud cat lady. I love a good book and catching up with friends or a good podcast in cozy coffee shops.

I completed my Hair and Makeup qualification in 2019 at Kohl Academy. 

My comprehensive training endowed me with a versatile skill set, enabling me to cater to diverse needs and styles in the realms of beauty and fashion. With my signature style I strive for a balance between classic elegance and modern trends.

"Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself"  - Coco Chanel

This quote encapsulates the essence of individuality and self-acceptance, values that I hold dear in both my personal and professional life.

Beauty isn't about looking perfect.
It's about celebrating your individuality - Bobbi Brown