Covid-19 Protection

This protection plan has been put in place to protect all parties. Please read through the following before your appointment.

Pre-service consultation forms

A Health and safety form will be required from everyone receiving services/in attendance 24-48 hours before day of services, before the appointment can be carried out.

Good use of PPE Practice

Artists will wear masks/visor at all times with hair tied out of their face.

Wash Hands on arrival

Both client and artist will wash hands upon arrival and sanitise throughout.

Sanitation of brushes and products

High level of sanitation and disinfecting practices between each client, and during services.

Reduce Face to face time

Keeping face to face contact to a minimum and only when necessary. One person in service area at a time to reduce risk.

Decant beauty products

Disposables, de-potting and appropriate spatulas and sanitation methods carried out throughout services.

Service area Sanitation

Time allowance to sanitise all areas between clients. We ask that an area with ventilation is used.

Temperature and symptoms observed

Should anyone have a temperature or have any obvious symptoms we will have to advise against services being carried out.

Time / Appointment slots

Each client must keep to their scheduled time slots to ensure all services are provided.

High risk

If someone is considered high risk we advise them against having any service done.

Artists ability to work

Gloves are not essential whilst providing makeup & hair services, however constant hand sanitisation is vital.

For the safety of yourself and those around you, please have and wear a mask to and from your appointment where possible. ALL clients / persons in attendance need to submit their health and safety check forms before having their appointments in order for the services to be performed. If you are unwell or have been in contact with someone that has been unwell, please inform your artist before the service, and they will do the same. We ensure a high level of hygiene practice at all times and adhere to the government guidelines, rules and regulations.

Covid-19 Policy & Procedures

Should either the client or artist be unwell and not able to attend or have their services carried out – either another artist within Tash Studio’s TS Pro Team will be provided, or clients that are deemed unwell will need to reschedule should their appointment be a trial, photo shoot or lesson. This means that the payment for the appointment will be retained and no refunds are applicable, however should you wish we can provide a voucher for services and schedule this in for an appropriate time.


In the case of a wedding event day and someone within the wedding party is showing flu like/Covid symptoms and appears to be unwell – we have the right to not carry out services where we deem necessary for the safety of the artists as well as the remaining wedding party.


All persons receiving services and persons who will be present in the room on the day are to fill in the health and safety form prior to their appointment to avoid disappointment on the day.

The Client must

The client acknowledges that it is not possible to receive the services without the artist being within two meters of them.

  • Wear a mask until instructed otherwise.
  • Avoid touching your nose, mouth, eyes and face.
  • Avoid the use of phones / personal items whilst having your service.
  • Spend only the time necessary for services within 2 meters of the artist.
  • Practice respiratory hygiene / cough etiquette.
  • Practice hand hygiene.
  • Remain vigilant for symptoms.
  • Contact artist should they be unwell immediately to revise booking.
  • Instruct artist where to walk, stand and setup for services.
  • Agree to doors/windows being open where possible.
  • Agree to only have one person (the client) in the immediate area whilst services are being carried out

The Artist will

The client acknowledges that it is not possible to receive the services without the artist being within two meters of them.

  • Wear PPE such as a mask and/or visor or glasses, as well as gloves where appropriate.
  • Avoid touching their nose, mouth, eyes and face and have their hair tied out of their face to ensure this.
  • Avoid use of their personal items and will sanitise their phones before taking photos.
  • Spend only the needed time necessary within close proximity to clients to complete the services required.
  • Practice respiratory hygiene.
  • Practice hand hygiene.
  • Remain vigilant for symptoms.
  • All surfaces and touch points in working/artist station will be frequently sanitised.
  • Makeup kit to be kept highly sanitised:
    • Sanitation of all brushes between every client.
    • Use of disposable brushes and applicators where possible.
    • Scrapping products onto palette with fresh spatulas for each application.
    • No ‘double dipping’.
    • Use of clients own direct contact products such as lipstick, mascara and pencils if/where necessary.
    • Hair kit kept sanitised.
  • Open and ventilated area to work in.
  • Open doors and windows where possible.
  • Maintain two meters when not performing any services.
  • Artist will not eat/drink whilst performing services as to not remove mask.
  • Only carry out services where someone is of a healthy temperature and not showing any flu like/covid signs or symptom
Thank you for taking the time to read through our protection plan