A short story about the ups and downs of entrepreneurship

Starting your own business is exciting …

You’re full of fire to make your idea a success.

You start strong but then the first few bumps in the road cross your path.

You take it in your stride and your path is even for a little while.

You get to a bigger bump, it’s a tough pill to swallow and a little bit of doubt grows in the back of your mind, you get over the bump and pick up speed on the next straight.

Things are going well and you keep building with stars in your eyes and hope for the future.

Next you get to a hill …

a hill of disappointment and the ugly side of people, it makes you doubt your choice of following your dream and if you’ll ever make it but, somewhere deep inside there’s still a fire in your heart that makes you push on.

You get to the top and take it all in, preparing for the road ahead.

Taking the next step you pick up speed again.

Now you hardly feel the bumps that used to slow you down.

You stop at the foot of a mountain and think twice about continuing this journey.

You step back, take a deep breath and start the climb,

step by step brushing off hurt, disappointment, doubt, backstabbing and negativity,

after a massive effort you get to the top and you feel like you can conquer the world.

You look into the horizon only to see an endless sea of hills and mountains but it doesn’t scare you anymore, you have come so far what is a few more.

It’s difficult but so extremely rewarding, the journey of entrepreneurship is the most exciting and challenging journey you’ll ever take.

xx Tash